Top 10 most important cities in Latin America for the Fintech sector

With the evolution of new technologies and the deepening of the innovation process, Fintechs are increasingly standing out in society, either by promoting greater social inclusion (since they facilitate access to financial services), or by bringing various benefits to business (such as loans; SME financing; equity crowdfunding; banking and mobile payment; Bitcoin and blockchain technology). 

Also, the growth of these companies during the COVID-19 pandemic made it clear that their structures and operational models are very profitable and generate the security needed for the market. For this reason, it is expected an even greater development of this sector over time, which means greater investments and the improvement of the legal framework. 

In Latin America this is no different. The region stood out for being home to some of the largest Fintechs in the world. In addition, 7 countries in the region placed in the top 65 of the Global Fintech Index of 2020: Brazil (19°), Mexico (30°), Chile (35°), Argentina (38°), Colombia (40°), Peru (55°) and Uruguay (63°). 

In the midst of this, some of the cities stand out as true ecosystems for Fintechs, either for their research centers, accelerators and incubators, or for the various public and private initiatives. Take a look at the top 10:

10. Florianópolis (Brazil)
Global ranking: 119°
9. Curitiba (Brazil)
Global ranking: 97°
8. Porto Alegre (Brazil)
Global ranking: 91°
7. Belo Horizonte (Brazil)
Global ranking: 69°
6. Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Global ranking: 57°
5. Santiago (Chile)
Global ranking: 54°
4. Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Global ranking: 42°
3. Bogotá (Colombia)
Global ranking: 40°
2. Ciudad de México (Mexico)
Global ranking: 21°
1. São Paulo (Brazil)
Global ranking: 5°

Source: The Global Fintech Index 2020
Image: Pixabay

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