Top 10 Agtechs e Foodtechs in Latin America

In 2020,  there was a boom for investments in Agtechs and Foodtechs startups, both in the world and Latin America. For the coming years, the projections are even better and, becouse of the scenario of increasing digital business, moslty due to the pandemic, also contributes to this trend. For this reason, check out the Latin American Agtechs and Foodtechs that stood out the most last year:
10. Protetora Biosciences (Chile)
9. Jüsto (México)
8. Robinfood (Colômbia)
7. Fazenda Futuro (Brasil)
6. Agrofy (Argentina)
5. Frubana (Colômbia)
4. Solinftec (Brasil)
3. Notco (Chile)
2. Rappi (Colômbia)
1. Cornershop (Chile)

Source: AgFunder
Image: Pixabay

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