Top ten Latin American countries with the best road quality

Roads are of great relevance for the foreign and domestic trade of a country, even though road transport is not its main mode of transportation. As such, it is important to invest in the quality of roads in order to increase traffic capacity, order the traffic of highways in urban areas and ensure permanent conditions of safety and comfort in the circulation of vehicles and users, among other points. 
In Latin America, the search for investments in road infrastructure keeps growing. Also, it is important to highlight that the region is crossed by the largest highway in the world, the Via PanAm, and has some important undergoing projects, such as the Bioceanic Highway that intends to link the Atlantic (Brazil) with the Pacific (Chile), thus impacting trade with Asia. 
Given the importance of the topic, check out which countries have the best road quality in the region:

10. Argentina (91°)
Road Quality (1-7): 3,60
9. Uruguay (90°)
Road Quality (1-7): 3,70
8. Honduras (62°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,10
7. El Salvador (61°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,20
6. Nicaragua (60°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,20
5. Panama (51°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,50
4. Mexico (48°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,50
3. Dominican Republic (43°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,70
2. Ecuador (34°)
Road Quality (1-7): 4,90
1. Chile (27°)
Road Quality (1-7): 5,20

Source: WEF 2019
Image: Pixabay

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