Top ten Latin American cities by GDP (PPP) in 2025

Latin America is a region formed by cities that are growing more and more, be they located in the inland or the metropolitan area. Not only many of those cities are among the largest in the world today, but studies indicate that in the future they will remain at the top of the international rankings. That said, we list the ten biggest cities in the region by GDP forecast (PPP) in 2025:

10. Guadalajara
Estimate of US $ 150.00 billion

9. Monterrey
Estimate of US $ 188.00 billion

8. Bogota
Estimate of $ 192.00 billion

7. Santiago
Estimate of US $ 207.00 billion

6. Brasilia
Estimate of US $ 210.00 billion

5. Lima
Estimate of US $ 213.00 billion

4. Rio de Janeiro
Estimate of US $ 407.00 billion

3. Buenos Aires
Estimate of US $ 651.00 billion

2. Mexico City
Estimate of US $ 745.00 billion

1. São Paulo
Estimate of US $ 782.00 billion

Source: PwC (2009)
Image: Pixabay

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