Top countries with the fastest export clearance through customs in Latin America

Agility in foreign trade operations is essential for the success of any international business and the competitiveness of companies. However, according to UNCTAD, import or export operation involves about 30 individuals and / or institutions, 40 documents, 200 data about the operation and the re-insertion of 60-70% of all this data at least once. 
For this reason, discussions on trade facilitation agreements are increasing, aiming, among other points, at reforming customs procedures. Also, countries have been seeking to reform their customs mechanisms internally to speed up their import and, above all, export processes. 
In Latin America and the Caribbean, the average time for customs clearance for an export is 8 days, the same as the world average. For that reason, we have listed the fastest countries in that matter in the region:

10. Colombia 
Average time: 13 days
9. Chile
Average time: 11 days
8. Costa Rica and Bolivia 
Average time: 10 days
7. Dominican  Republic and Ecuador
Average time: 9 days
6. Peru
Average time: 8 days
5. Argentina and Mexico 
Average time: 7 days
4. Nicaragua and Guatemala
Average time: 5 days
3. Honduras
Average time: 4 days
2. El Salvador
Average time: 3 days
1. Uruguay
Average time: 2 days

Source: World Bank
Image: Pixabay

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