Top 10 strongest nation brands in Latin America

Like products and companies brands, countries have an image that can and must be built, measured and managed in order to strengthen their reputation for their consumers, that is, the international community. 
Unlike traditional studies that only assess the strength of GDP, the nation brand also considers dimensions such as culture, governance, people, exports, tourism, investment and immigration. Thus, it is a much more complete assessment of a country's strength than only the GDP.
Given this, check out which are the strongest nation brands in Latin America:

10. Guatemala
Ranking: 57°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 69°
9. Colombia 
Ranking: 54°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 39°
8. Ecuador 
Ranking: 53°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 63°
7. Costa Rica
Ranking: 50°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 75°
6. Cuba
Ranking: 48°
World Bank Ranking (GDP) 66°
5. Brazil 
Ranking: 47°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 8°
4. Panama 
Ranking: 46°
World Bank Ranking (GDP) 74°
3. Chile
Ranking: 43°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 41°
2. Peru
Ranking: 37°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 49°
1. Argentina
Ranking: 36°
World Bank Ranking (GDP): 21°

Source: FutureBrand (2019)
Image: Pixabay

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