Top 10 oldest companies in Latin America

Forming a company that lasts for years seems difficult, especially considering that the average life of a company in 2027 will be only 12 years, according to Innosight. However, Latin America has cases that exceed this expectation: companies that have existed for centuries! Check it out:

10. Banco Nacional de Bolivia (Bolivia)
Year: 1871
Sector: Banking
9. National Railroad of Honduras (Honduras)
Year: 1870
Sector: Transport
8. Rhum Barbancourt (Haiti)
Year: 1862
Sector: Beverage
7. Bank of the province of Buenos Aires (Argentina)
Year: 1822
Sector: Banking
6. Famae (Chile)
Year: 1811
Sector: Defense 
5. Casa da Moeda do Brasil (Brasil)
Year: 1694
Sector: Banking
4. Hacienda Chuao (Venezuela)
Year: 1660
Sector: Food 
3. Casa de Moneda de Colombia (Colombia)
Year: 1621
Sector: Banking 
2. Casa Nacional de Moneda (Peru)
Year: 1565
Sector: Banking 
1. La casa de Moneda de Mexico (Mexico)
Year: 1534
Sector: Banking

Source: Business Financing
Image: Pixabay

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