Top 10 most attractive Latin American economies

Market opening, innovation, professional qualification and efficiency in a country's infrastructure are some of the determining elements for attracting foreign investments and national development. 
In 2019, Latin America received US$ 144.243 million in FDI and countries like Brazil and Mexico stood out as one of the main foreign capital destinations. The region's attractiveness increasingly grows and, for this reason, it is important to know which countries are classified as the most attractive in the region. Check it out:

10. Colombia 
Global ranking: 91°
9. Costa Rica
Global ranking: 88°
8. Ecuador 
Global ranking: 84°
7. Peru
Global ranking: 82°
6. Dominican  Republic 
Global ranking: 74°
5. Panama 
Global ranking: 70°
4. Uruguay
Global ranking: 66°
3. Chile
Global ranking: 46°
2. Mexico 
Global ranking: 43°
1. Brazil
Global ranking: 41°

Source: Global Attractiveness Index 2020
Image: Pixabay

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