Top 10 most attractive countries for franchise expansion in Latin America

For companies that plan to go international, a good strategy for entering a new market is through franchises, especially due to its dynamism and flexibility. This model of internationalization is becoming more and more common as it is possible to see the expansion of international franchises in the most diverse sectors. 
In Latin America, according to FIAF, franchises reached 2.4% of the region's GDP in 2017 and the numbers continue to rise. Also, the region has great success stories such as O Boticário and Pollo Campero. For this reason, check out which Latin American countries are considered the best for establishing franchises:

10. Argentina
Market potential ranking: 72°
Market risk ranking: 98°
Global ranking: 85°
9. Paraguay 
Market potential ranking: 69°
Market risk ranking: 72°
Global ranking: 72°
8. Costa Rica 
Market potential ranking: 80°
Market risk ranking: 58°
Global ranking: 66°
7. Panama
Market potential ranking: 46
Market risk ranking: 64
Global ranking: 61
6. Dominican Republic 
Market potential ranking: 44°
Market risk ranking: 69°
Global ranking: 56°
5. Brazil
Market potential ranking: 67°
Market risk ranking: 76°
Global ranking: 55°
4. Peru 
Market potential ranking: 38°
Marketing risk ranking: 50°
Global ranking: 38°
3. Chile
Market potential ranking: 66°
Market risk ranking: 31°
Global ranking: 37°
2. Colombia
Market potential ranking: 47°
Market risk ranking: 38°
Global ranking: 34°
1. Mexico
Market potential ranking: 27°
Market risk ranking: 53°
Global ranking: 32°

Source: 2020 International Franchise Attractiveness Index
Image: Pixabay

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