Top 10 Latin American countries with the lowest cappuccino price

Despite the simple appearance, a cappuccino is a refined product that can contain a high added value and an intensive use of technology. Also, its consumption may be related to a whole experience offered by the establishment that serves it, such as free Wifi or a privileged location. 
Latin America is a region rich in coffee production. Countries like Brazil and Colombia are international export leaders with, respectively, 63 million and 14 million 60 kg bags produced in 2018/2019. Also, according to Statista, Brazil is the 7th country in the world in coffee consumption and the only Latin American country to be in the top 15 ranking.
Given this, although other factors are related, it is possible to perceive a certain relationship between a country's coffee production and the ability to supply a sophisticated product such as cappuccino at an affordable price. For that reason, check out which Latin American countries have the lowest cappuccino sales price:

10. Peru
Global ranking: 55°
Price: US$ 2.31
9. Guatemala
Global ranking: 50°
Price: US$ 2.17
8. Ecuador 
Global ranking: 49°
Price: US$ 2.15
7. Mexico 
Global ranking: 43°
Price: US$ 2.03
6. Paraguay 
Global ranking: 37°
Price: US$ 1.76
5. Honduras
Global ranking: 27°
Price: US$ 1.64
4. Dominican Republic 
Global ranking: 22°
Price: US$ 1.59
3. Argentina
Global ranking: 18°
Price: US$ 1.51
2. Brazil
Global ranking: 7°
Price: US$ 1.11
1. Colombia
Global ranking: 6°
Price: US$ 1.09

Source: Numbeo
Image: Pixabay

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