Top 10 Latin American countries with the best quality of life index (2021)

Quality of life refers to the general well-being of individuals and groups, and it is often measured with health and happiness as major components. Quality of life impacts many sector of a society, including its business environment and capacity. 
In the other hand, many businesses activities are based on improving the well-being of a country or region, such as the medical, culture, entertainment and gastronomy sectors. That said, in Latin America some countries standout in this matters. Check them out:

10. Peru (83.30)
9. Chile (99.90)
8. Colombia (101.33)
7. Brazil (104.75)
6. Panama (110.32)
5. Argentina (110.50)
4. Ecuador (118.76)
3. Mexico (120.29)
2. Costa Rica (121.65)
1. Uruguay (124.63)

Source: Numbeo
Image: Pixabay

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