Top 10 Latin American countries rated as the less corrupt in the region

Corruption is a great problem to society and it is often an obstacle to business development. Also, the image of a country as to its level of corruption, even if it does not reflect reality, is a determining factor for the allocation of capital in the international scenario.
In this sense, the study “Encuesta sobre Corrupción en América Latina 2020”, which consulted almost a thousand representatives of companies and public and private entities from 19 countries in Latin America, aimed to measure the indexes and risks of corruption, knowledge of anti-corruption laws, compliance practices and government policy. Check out the best placed countries:

10. Panama 
Score: 4.17
9. Ecuador
Score: 4.19
8. Mexico 
Score: 4.55
7. Colombia 
Score: 5.18
6. Argentina 
Score: 5.32
5. Peru
Score: 5.47
4. Brazil 
Score: 5.52
3. Costa Rica
Score: 6.43
2. Chile
Score: 6.57
1. Uruguay 
Score: 7.78

Source: Encuesta sobre Corrupción en América Latina 2020
Image: Pixabay

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