Top 10 Latin American countries by pofe expectancy

Life expectancy is of great importance as it reflects the population's living conditions, such as food, salary and infant mortality. In the international scenario, North America, Western Europe, East Asia and Australia are the regions best qualified in this regard. Latin America is ranked after those regions, but is ahead of the rest of Asia, Africa, Oceania and Eastern Europe. Check out which countries are the best placed countries:
10. Honduras
Life expectancy: 72.8 M 77.4 W
9. Argentina
Life expectancy: 73.1 M  79.9 W
8. Peru
Life expectancy: 73.8 M 79.3 W
7. Uruguay
Life expectancy: 74.0 M 81.4 W
6. Ecuador
Life expectancy: 74.1 M 79.6 W
5. Colombia
Life expectancy: 74.3 M 79.97 W
4. Panama
Life expectancy: 75.2 M 81.6 W
3. Cuba
Life expectancy: 76.8 M 80.7 W
2. Costa Rica
Life expectancy: 77.5 M 82.7 W
1. Chile
Life expectancy: 77.6 M 82.4 W

Source: WorldData
Image: Pixabay

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