Top 10 countries with the highest rate of social progress in Latin America

Not only does the economy defines a country's quality of life (mainly by measuring the GDP), but a whole set of factors. Much of a nation's success comes from its achievements in the social area, such as education, social inclusion, access to health services and environmental sustainability. 
In these aspects, Latin America is a region composed of countries that stand out, such as Costa Rica and Chile. That only fosters the growth of these nations and improves their image. For that reason, check out the ten best-qualified nations in social progress in Latin America:

10. Mexico
Human basic needs: 82.54
Welfare: 74.67 
Opportunities: 63.36
9. Brazil
Human basic needs: 82.69
Welfare: 76.59
Opportunities: 62.46
8. Colombia
Human basic needs: 83.31
Welfare: 80.09
Opportunities: 58.59
7. Peru
Human basic needs: 82.46
Welfare: 78.50
Opportunities: 61.69
6. Ecuador
Human basic needs: 84.35
Welfare: 79.45
Opportunities: 62.55
5. Panama
Human basic needs: 86.00
Welfare: 79.83
Opportunities: 63.82
4. Argentina
Human basic needs: 87.73
Welfare: 80.05
Opportunities: 74.20
3. Uruguay
Human basic needs: 88.64
Welfare: 82.59
Opportunities: 77.74
2. Costa Rica
Human basic needs: 89.88
Welfare: 84.62
Opportunities: 74.51
1. Chile
Human basic needs: 90.79
Welfare: 81.87
Opportunities: 77.35

Source: 2020 Social Progress Index
Image: Pixabay

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