Top 10 countries in Latin America by corruption prevention capacity

The CCC Index, made by AS/COA and Control Risks, covers 15 Latin American countries, almost 95% of the region's GDP, and evaluates and ranks them according to how effectively they can fight corruption. 
The Index points out that five of the 15 countries evaluated recorded significant reductions in their scores; seven remained unchanged and three increased sharply; and the two largest countries and economies in Latin America, Brazil and Mexico, were found to have suffered some of the sharpest declines.

10.Dominican Republic (4,38)
9.Panama (4,55)
8.Ecuador (4,77)
7.Colombia (4,81)
6.Brazil (5,07)
5.Argentina (5,16)
4.Peru (5,66)
3.Costa Rica (6,45)
2.Chile (6,51)
1.Uruguay (7,80)

Source: CCC
Image: Pixabay

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