The 10 largest health institutions in Latin America

América Economía Intelligence carried out a study that brought together the best hospital institutions in Latin America through a survey with doctors at these institutions and a detailed questionnaire that takes into account items such as efficiency, safety, knowledge management, patient experience, capacity and human capital. Check out the top 10:

10. Hospital Universitario Austral (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

9. Centro medico Imbanaco Cali (Cali, Colombia)

8. Hospital Pablo Tobon Uribe (Medellín, Colombia)

7. Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (Florida Blanca-Bucaramanga, Colombia)

6. Hospital Moinhos de Vento (Porto Alegre, Brasil)

5. Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

4. Fundación Valle del Lili (Cali, Colombia)

3. Fundación cardioinfantil (Bogota, Colombia)

2. Clínica Alemana (Santiago, Chile)

1. Hospital Albert Einstein (São Paulo, Brasil)

Source: América Economía Intelligence
Image: Pixabay

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