Latin American countries with the most trade agreements in force (RTAs)

Trade agreements are essential for international integration and business development. These instruments play an important role in opening markets and promoting political and economic rapprochement between nations.

According to the World Bank, Latin America is the developing region with the largest number of such treaties. Also, some of its countries top the world list about that matter.

With that in mind, we list the nations with the largest number of trade agreements in force in the region:

10. Bolivia, Cuba and Dominican Republic
4 agreements

9. Ecuador 
6 agreements 

8. Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay
8 agreements 

7. Brazil, Guatemala and Nicaragua 
9 agreements 

6. El Salvador and Honduras 
11 agreements 

5. Colombia and Costa Rica
13 agreements 

4. Panama
16 agreements 

3. Peru 
18 agreements 

2. Mexico
22 agreements 

1. Chile 
29 agreements

Source: WTO (04/2020)
Image: Pixabay

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